Statement from MPP Lisa MacLeod

Liberals to celebrate 15 years of putting insiders ahead of the people at convention

“Today, Kathleen Wynne and a group of Liberal insiders will gather together for their last Annual General Meeting before the next election.

“Kathleen Wynne likes to talk about ‘fairness,’ yet nothing about this government is fair. For 15 years every decision they’ve made has left hardworking families paying more and getting less. 

“This weekend I hope they consider the thousands of households that had their power cut off in the dead of winter, while Liberal insiders lined their pockets with lucrative green energy contracts, and the CEO of Hydro One made millions.

“I hope they remember the 350,000 manufacturing jobs their uncompetitive policies have cost, and all of the families that have struggled to find work in a province that just isn’t open for business.

“I hope they remember the skyrocketing hydro rates, the exorbitant taxes and fees, and the culture of political corruption that has festered under their watch.

“Make no mistake: Kathleen Wynne is untrustworthy. This is a Premier and a Party that is only concerned with what’s good for themselves and their insider friends. Anything they say or announce this weekend is just another cynical promise they have no intention of keeping.

“It’s time for change that puts the people first, not insiders.”