Statement from Ontario PC Labour Critic John Yakabuski on Jobs Numbers

“Under the Liberals, job creation and wages have stagnated. Middle-class families haven’t had a raise since 2003. Kathleen Wynne has had four years to fix this and is only trying to do so now because of an election.

“The Ontario PCs support a $15/hr minimum wage. Unfortunately, the Liberal plan to rush it through is reckless. We worry that it will cost 185,000 lost jobs, according to experts, and drive up prices for everything from groceries to childcare. It’s too fast, too soon.

“That’s why, at committee, we introduced amendments to require a cost benefit analysis before the bill comes into force and an economic impact assessment of the bill in 2018. The Wynne Liberals rejected these common-sense amendments. Consequently, while we support raising the minimum wage, we are left with no choice other than to vote against Bill 148 and will continue to insist on a cost benefit analysis. We expect Bill 148 to be law before the end of 2017. We won’t repeat the mistake of the Liberals by changing the law related to the minimum wage without any evidence, cost benefit analysis, or economic impact assessment.”