Statement from Ontario PC Leader and PC Education Critic Patrick Brown on the government’s announcement about northern and rural Ontario schools at risk of closure

“The Ontario PCs are proud to have led the charge against the government’s arbitrary and cold-hearted school closures. But today’s announcement does nothing for schools in cities throughout the province that remain on the chopping block, including schools that service students with special needs and schools that are operating at nearly 100 per cent capacity.

“Today’s announcement doesn’t change the fact that the Wynne Liberals have tried to make up for years of Liberal mismanagement on the backs of local schools and students. This government’s legacy is more schools closed than any other government in our province’s history. Since 2004 the Liberals have closed over 700 schools.


“Just months ago the PCs called for a moratorium on school closures until there is a review process that is fair, but the Wynne Liberals voted it down. Now, a year out from an election, they have apparently changed their minds.

“Rural and Northern Ontario have been nothing but an afterthought to this government. They only seem to acknowledge their existence when an election rolls around.

“This government’s record will continue to speak for itself. If they win the next election they will only go back to their old ways, and break this promise the first chance they get.”