Statement from Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford on Journey to Freedom Day

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford on Journey to Freedom Day

“Today, the Ontario PC Party comes together with the Vietnamese community, in commemorating the 43rd Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon.

“A day of reflection and homage, Journey to Freedom Day remembers the tragic events and great sacrifices made by Vietnamese refugees during the Vietnamese exodus.

“The Fall of Saigon marked the end of the Vietnam War; and for many people, it also marked a chance in the pursuit for new beginnings and hopes of finding a better life away from persecution and oppression.

“This voyage of the Vietnamese boat people marks an important part of our history. It is a time that recognizes our commitment to our beliefs and values; and supports the values that we so cherish in society, such as faith, family, freedom, and pluralism.

“The Vietnamese community has contributed significantly to this province’s growth, prosperity, and cultural diaspora. I hope that all Ontarians can take a moment to learn more about the perilous and inspiring journey of the Vietnamese boat people.

“The Ontario PC Party shares many of the same beliefs and values as the Vietnamese community, embracing hard work, family, and a respect for cultural heritage and traditions. These principles are strongly reflected in the Vietnamese community here in Ontario.

“As Leader, the Ontario PC Party will continue to be defenders of freedom and I encourage all Ontarians to join in tribute.”