Statement from Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford on Passover

“At sundown today, the Jewish community in Ontario, and around the world, will gather to celebrate the eight-day observance of Passover. It is one of the most sacred Jewish observances, and commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.

“During this time, Jewish friends and families will gather to share symbolic rituals and festivities. Some of the most significant of rituals include gathering around the Seder table, and refraining from eating leavened grain. This is symbolic of the haste escape from Egypt; a time where the Jews did not have enough time to wait for bread to rise, so instead, they ate matzah, or unleavened bread.

“Passover serves as a time to celebrate; and is seen as a metaphor on the struggle for liberation, regardless of faith. It also serves as a time to reflect upon family, tradition, faith, the fight for basic rights, and the fight for basic freedoms.

“Ontario has the largest Jewish community in Canada, and we are fortunate to have this opportunity to reflect on the many significant contributions brought upon us by all Jewish Canadians.

“On behalf of the Ontario PC Caucus and our candidates across the province; I wish all those celebrating, a peaceful and joyous Passover.

“Chag Pesach Kasher v’Sameach”