Statement from Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford on Polish Constitution Day

“As Leader of the Ontario PC Party, we come together with the Polish community in commemorating the 227th Anniversary of Polish Constitution Day.

“Marking a day of celebration and reflection, Polish Constitution Day honours the establishment of the Polish Constitution on May 3, 1791, and stands as one of Poland’s most important achievements.

“The legislation under the Constitution of 1791 fought for political equality between townspeople and nobility; one of the oldest democratic constitution’s of its type, and represents a triumph in the struggle for freedom and democracy.

“I encourage all Ontarians to take the time to learn more about the story of our Polish friends. With a population in Ontario of over 500,000; and roots in Ontario dating back over 150 years, the Polish community has played an important role in contributing to the social, economic and cultural composition of our province.

“The Ontario PC Party shares many of the same beliefs and values as the Polish community, embracing hard work, family, and a respect for cultural heritage and traditions.

“The Ontario PC Party will continue to embrace the fight for democracy and rule of law. I extend my best wishes to everyone celebrating Polish Constitution Day.”