Statement from Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford on Prorogation

“By proroguing the Legislature, Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals want you to think this is a reset for their government. But the people of this province know better. There is no reset on 15 years of Liberal waste and political corruption.

“We’ve seen this story before. Kathleen Wynne is untrustworthy. Her government will say, do, and promise anything to cling to power. She is only interested in saving her own political career.

“Their most recent broken promise – plunging Ontario back into a deficit – shows they don’t care about keeping their word.

“For 15 years Ontario families have struggled, and watched as Liberal insiders and elites grow rich. But I am here to tell you that the Premier’s days are numbered.

“Relief for Ontario families is in sight. We are ready to fight for hard working Ontarians, and to put money back in the taxpayer’s pocket. And we are just getting started.”