Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown and Ross Romano on the Sault Ste. Marie by-election

“Today the writ was issued for the provincial by-election in Sault Ste. Marie after the Wynne Liberals left Sault Ste. Marie residents without representation at Queen’s Park for months.

“After 14 years in power, life is harder with the Liberals. Sault Ste. Marie families are working hard, paying more, and getting less.

“Our candidate Ross Romano is a lifelong resident of Sault Ste. Marie and has served his community for years as a City Councillor. I am confident Ross will ensure Sault Ste. Marie has a strong voice at Queen’s Park and deliver results.

“Only the Ontario PC Party represents change for the better. We want Sault Ste. Marie families to pay less and get ahead.”

The following is a statement from Ontario PC candidate Ross Romano on the Sault Ste. Marie by-election:

“I am proud to represent the Ontario PC Party in the upcoming Sault Ste. Marie by-election.

“After 14 years this Liberal government has only made life more unaffordable. Ontario is an uncompetitive place to do business, and families feel like they are falling behind. This government’s legacy is one of unaffordable hydro rates, fired nurses and slashed health care services, and billions of dollars wasted on Liberal scandals.

“For too long the Wynne Liberals have taken Sault Ste. Marie for granted. This is an opportunity for residents to send a message to the government that they deserve better.

“While we have already been hard at work knocking on doors, I look forward to continue fighting for the families and businesses of Sault Ste. Marie.”