Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Celebrating Imamat Day

“Today, we join with our Ismaili friends and neighbours across Ontario in marking Imamat Day—commemorating the anniversary of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan’s accession as Imam of the Shi’a Ismaili Muslims 60 years ago.

“The Aga Khan’s tenure as leader of the world’s Ismaili community has been marked by his longstanding commitment to the values that make Ontario and Canada special—tireless defense of human rights and the dignity of all people, and deep respect for pluralism and the principle of freedom.

“The special relationship the Aga Khan shares with Canada is not only reflected in our shared values, but can be seen through the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto and the Centre for Global Pluralism in Ottawa. These institutions are a testament to the Aga Khan’s work.

“Today is an opportunity for all Ontarians to learn more about the contributions the Aga Khan and Ontario’s Ismaili community have made to the social development of our province.

“Khushiali Mubarak.”