Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Celebrating Islamic Heritage Month

“Today and throughout the month of October, we acknowledge and celebrate the many important contributions Ontarians of Muslim heritage have made and continue to make to our province.

“Ontarians of Islamic heritage trace their ancestry to every corner of the globe.  From Africa and the Middle East, to Europe, Asia, and beyond—the Islamic faith in Ontario is reflected in numerous cultures that are as diverse as Ontario itself.

“Ontario’s proud and growing Muslim community reflects the best of our province’s values, and continues to make many noteworthy contributions to Ontario’s social, cultural, political, and economic growth.

“Our diversity is a major part of what makes our province so special.  Our Muslim friends and neighbours are a vital part of that diversity and our province’s remarkable multicultural fabric.  The month of October provides us all with the opportunity to learn more about Islamic culture, and the many ways this community helps make Ontario a better place to live.

“Happy Islamic Heritage Month!”