Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Celebrating Jamaican Diaspora Day

“Today, Canadians of Jamaican descent, and Jamaicans around the world celebrate Jamaican Diaspora Day—recognizing the many significant achievements of people of Jamaican heritage all over the world.

“Canada is the home of one of the largest Jamaican diaspora anywhere in the world, and we are proud that most have chosen to call Ontario home.

“Canadians of Jamaican heritage have made many contributions to our history. Robert Sutherland, born in Jamaica in 1830, would go on to become the first person of colour to graduate from a Canadian university, and then proudly became the first Black lawyer in Canada.

“Lincoln Alexander was elected as a Member of Parliament, and then appointed as Canada’s first visible minority Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. Alexander’s community contributions also extended to St. John Ambulance and other great organizations.

“From business to the arts, athletics and beyond, Canadians of Jamaican descent continue to contribute to every sector and corner of our province.

“Happy Diaspora Day!”