Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Celebrating Portugal Day

“Today, Ontarians of Portuguese descent, and proud Portuguese around the world celebrate Portugal Day—commemorating the death of national hero, poet, adventurer, and author Luis de Camões .

“De Camões holds a special place in the hearts of the Portuguese.

“Similarly, Canada’s proud Portuguese community holds a special place in our hearts, with a story that is older than Canada itself. Portuguese explorers mapped Labrador, on Canada’s east coast, in the 1600s.

“In the years since, Ontarians of the Portuguese descent have been making significant contributions to our province’s history, culture and development. From Toronto’s thriving Portugal Village along Dundas Street known as “Rua Açores”, to the many suburbs throughout Ontario that benefit from vibrant Portuguese communities, the Portuguese are a vital part of our province’s social fabric.

“To all those celebrating Portugal Day, the many contributions of Ontario’s Portuguese community, and the life and legacy of Luis de Camões, Feliz dia de Portugal!”