Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Celebrating Sukkot

“Today at sundown our Jewish friends and neighbours all across Ontario celebrate Sukkot—the Feast of Booths.

“Historically, Sukkot has been both a time to celebrate the gathering of a bountiful harvest as well as a time to commemorate the experience of the Exodus out of Egypt.

“Throughout this eight-day holiday, traditional meals are eaten in a sukkah—the temporary shelters built for farmers during the harvest—and special prayers are recited recalling the deep symbolism and meaning of this ancient celebration.

“Sukkot, along with Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, have provided us all with the opportunity to learn more about Jewish culture and customs, and the many ways this community continues to be a vital part of Ontario’s multicultural fabric.

“To all those celebrating Sukkot, Chag Sameach!”