Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown commemorating the events of Black July

“On behalf of the PC Party of Ontario, I stand shoulder to shoulder with the Tamil community in Canada and around the world, commemorating the tragic events of Black July, 1983.

“Black July triggers heart wrenching memories of one of the darkest periods of Sri Lanka’s history.

“This day sheds stories of a deliberate state sponsored Anti-Tamil pogrom, fuelled by hate, intolerance, and discrimination.

“Thousands of innocent lives were lost for no reason other than merely being from Tamil descent.

“I express my deepest sympathies to those who left us today and the loved ones that still live with this pain.

“Black July created a mass exodus of Tamil fleeing from the fear of persecution in hope to find a place where they can live with peace, freedom, and security.

“I am proud to have the largest diaspora of Tamils living here in Ontario.”