Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on Hydro One’s purchase of Avista

“The purchase of Avista by Hydro One is the direct result of Kathleen Wynne’s fire sale. Hydro One is gouging ratepayers while using our money to buy up foreign companies. In the end, Ontario families will be left paying even more for hydro.

“Hydro One is currently applying to increase rates on consumers by $141 per year. Why should Ontario families be left with even higher bills when Hydro One has almost $7 billion to throw at foreign companies? This is not fair to Ontario ratepayers. Hydro One’s application for a massive, unaffordable rate increase should be immediately rejected.

“Hydro One’s customer service is already insufficient. Now they will be focusing their attention on American customers instead of helping out Ontario families in need of support and relief. Our province is home to some of the highest rates in North America, and Washington is home to some of the lowest.

“Under the Liberals, Ontario families are working harder, paying more, and getting less. It’s time for a government that puts the needs of Ontarians first, and ensures they pay less and get ahead.”