Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on meeting with the Brampton Board of Trade

“Today I met with members of the Brampton Board of Trade, where I heard serious concerns from local businesses about how the Wynne Liberals continue to create barriers to economic growth and job creation. These are unfortunately concerns echoed by businesses throughout the province.

“Ontario needs the right conditions to make us competitive. However, right now, on all major fronts, there is an Ontario disadvantage as a result of 14 years of Liberal policies. Whether it’s hydro, taxes, red tape, or investments in infrastructure, when we look at our neighbours we’re falling behind. Businesses are working harder, paying more and getting less.

“After 14 years of failed Liberal policy we are a “have-not” province. We are no longer the “economic freight train” every province once envied. That’s not the Ontario I know, nor the Brampton I know. This has got to change.

“The next election will be about who will make it easier for Ontario workers and taxpayers to get ahead. The Brampton region has hardworking, talented, and innovative individuals and businesses. The government needs to do a better job at harnessing this talent, allowing businesses in Brampton to be competitive and reach their full potential. The Ontario PCs want to make Ontario a place where people create good-paying jobs, and where good-paying jobs stay.”