Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the end of the college strike

“The Ontario PCs are relieved to know that college students will be heading back to the classroom early next week. Since day one, the Ontario PCs have been the ones standing up for students. 

“At the very beginning of the dispute, we called for the Wynne Liberals to step in and bring both sides to the table. The Liberals waited until the very last minute, and only once it became a massive political problem, to get involved. 

“The reality is this strike reached record lengths because of a lack of leadership shown by Kathleen Wynne and her government. 

“It’s unfortunate that it came to back-to-work legislation. And, the length of this strike will have ripple effects for months to come. It’s time to put this ugly chapter behind us, and to get focused on ensuring college students get back in the classroom as soon as possible.”