Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the gas plants verdict

“It’s a sad day when a premier’s most senior official is found guilty of trying to orchestrate a cover-up of the $1.1 billion gas plant scandal. The guilty verdict is an indictment of the 15 years of Liberal political corruption that has long been rooted in the premier’s office.

“While the justice system has taken its course, no verdict will return the $1.1 billion the Liberal government wasted just to win seats in an election.

“A senior official in the Liberal government deleted documents to try and hide the truth. Following the campaign co-chaired by Kathleen Wynne, the Liberals were only concerned about their best interests, not the best interests of the people of Ontario. They simply cannot be trusted.

“Sadly, the gas plant scandal is just one example of the consistent pattern of political corruption by this Liberal government.  Now that the case has reached its completion, we are fearful of what waste and political corruption the next Liberal scandal will reveal.”