Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the new Halton courthouse

“A brand new Halton courthouse is desperately needed to service the region’s growing population.

“Wynne Liberal neglect means the existing facility in Milton is aging, overcrowded, and completely inadequate in terms of security and privacy. Questions have even been raised about access to justice. This is completely unacceptable when throughout the province we are seeing an alarming number of criminal cases being thrown out due to trial delays.

“Since 2014, the need for a new Halton courthouse has been championed at Queen’s Park by Wellington-Halton Hills PC MPP Ted Arnott. I was proud to acknowledge his hard work and to add my support for the courthouse at a speech at the Burlington Chamber of Commerce earlier this month. Unfortunately, despite MPP Arnott’s years of tireless advocacy, the Wynne Liberals dragged their feet. Now, a year out from an election, the Liberals have finally decided to act.

“While the Liberals continued to claim a new Halton courthouse was a priority, for years we saw no action. This is just another promise they will immediately break if they win the next election.”

While Halton area Liberal MPPs were silent about the need for a new Halton courthouse in the Legislature, Ted Arnott, the region’s sole PC MPP, worked tirelessly to ensure the issue was on the government’s radar: