Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the release of the 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan

“The Wynne Liberals are untrustworthy, especially when it comes to Ontarians’ electricity bills. Every single time they’ve played games with the electricity sector it has left families working harder, paying more, and getting less.

“Despite Liberal spin, it’s clear: rates will continue to skyrocket to the highest they’ve ever been after the next election.

“This reflects what we’ve seen in a secret, leaked cabinet document, and the recent Auditor General report that exposed the Liberals’ $4 billion hydro cover-up.

“The Wynne Liberals will do or say anything to get re-elected. They have altered plans and spun mistruths repeatedly, including in their last LTEP.

“The 2017 LTEP does not show the real costs of their ‘unfair’ hydro scheme. It is nothing but a Wynne Liberal re-election campaign document that does nothing to calm the nerves of families worried about their future.

“The Wynne Liberals don’t care about making life more affordable for Ontario families. They are only interested in clinging onto power and lining the pockets of their insider friends.

“Life is harder under the Wynne Liberals, and their cynical re-election gimmicks in the energy system are only going to make it worse. We can’t trust them on the hydro file ever again.”