Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the Wynne Liberals cap-and-trade announcement

“The Wynne Liberals’ cap-and-trade scheme is nothing but a cash grab that makes life harder and more unaffordable for Ontario families while driving businesses and jobs out of the province.

“Ontarians will pour nearly $2 billion a year into this new slush fund that will go towards Liberal pet projects and re-election announcements. On top of that, the Wynne Liberal scheme does nothing to protect the environment – all it does is ships hundreds of millions of dollars into the California economy. We shouldn’t be subsidizing the wealthy in Beverly Hills, especially while families here at home are working harder, paying more, and getting less. 

“The Ontario PCs have been very clear we would dismantle the Wynne Liberals’ cap-and-trade cash grab and replace it with a model that reduces emissions in Ontario, cuts taxes, and protects our economy.”