Statement from Ontario PC MPP John Yakabuski on Winter Disconnects

“Across the province, families and seniors are freezing in the cold because they can’t afford to pay their skyrocketing electricity prices. The Wynne Liberals have always had the ability to provide instant relief to those freezing in the cold by simply issuing a directive. Instead this government ignored the issue.


“The Liberals have no problem issuing ministerial directives when it comes to lining the pockets of their Liberal donors with expensive energy contracts, but not when it comes to helping suffering Ontario families. Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault must end this heartless practice today with the stroke of a pen by issuing a directive to the OEB.

“Not only that, but the Wynne Liberals tried to blame the opposition for their failures. This is despite the fact the Ontario PC Caucus has been calling for an end to winter disconnects. 

“Life is getting harder in Ontario and the Wynne Liberals are too out of touch to even care.”