Statement from Ontario PC Party President Jag Badwal on the election of Doug Ford as Leader of the Ontario PC Party

“Last night, the Ontario PC Party announced that Doug Ford was elected Leader of the Ontario PC Party.
“Doug is committed to ending political corruption and waste. As a business owner and former city councillor, I know that Doug will be a strong voice for Ontario taxpayers. He will clean up Queen’s Park and reclaim Ontario’s place as Canada’s economic engine.
“I am confident that under Doug’s leadership, we will defeat Kathleen Wynne and her tired, out-of-touch Liberal Government.
“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Christine, Tanya and Caroline, who all ran spirited campaigns and helped build our Party during this historic period.
“I cannot overstate all that we have accomplished together in just one month. We organized the quickest leadership contest in Ontario’s history and have come together stronger than ever. But the task before us is even greater.
“We have just 89 days to defeat Kathleen Wynne and her politically corrupt Liberal Government, who are untrustworthy and will do or say anything to cling to power.
“It’s time for a change in Ontario. Only the Ontario PC Party can offer real relief to families that are struggling to get ahead under this Liberal government.”