Statement from Ontario PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris on high-speed rail from Toronto to Windsor

“Southwestern Ontario has been waiting on high-speed rail for years. Now, a year out from the election, the Wynne Liberals have shown up in London to re-announce another transit project they will never deliver on.

“Today’s announcement isn’t about making life easier for Ontario families. It’s about Kathleen Wynne’s short-term goal of re-election in 2018.

“This is not the first time we’ve seen the government make a promise in order to win votes. Before the 2014 election the Wynne Liberals slapped together a last minute study on high-speed rail to sell voters. Years later and we have nothing to show for it. Now, the government is claiming high-speed rail will be operational to London by 2025, yet last year the government confirmed that just the environmental assessment will take roughly five years. This is yet another Liberal stretch goal.

“Whether it’s the Scarborough subway, Niagara and Kitchener two-way, all-day GO, or high-speed rail from Toronto to Windsor, this Liberal government’s legacy is promises made, promises broken.

“What we need is real investment and a commitment to infrastructure that will meet our transportation needs today. People are sick and tired of waiting to see if promised Liberal trains will ever pull into the station.”