Statement from Ontario PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris on Metrolinx’s decision to hike GO Transit and Union Pearson Express fares

“Today we heard the news that Metrolinx plans to increase fares for GO Transit and the Union Pearson Express this fall. While Metrolinx continues to downplay the increase as ‘modest,’ the Ontario PCs know that hardworking Ontarians cannot afford this fare hike.

“This fare increase comes after the Wynne Liberals approved a $112,302 a year pay hike for the Metrolinx CEO. Only in Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario do you have a CEO who oversaw the building of an upside down bridge truss, and who spent tens of thousands of dollars on Union Pearson Express uniforms while taxpayers subsidized its ridership, get rewarded with a 30 per cent pay increase.

“It seems that life is harder for everyone in Ontario except for Liberal friends who line the boardrooms of crown corporations. While everyday Ontarians are struggling to get ahead, the Wynne Liberals are hiking GO Train fares to pay for massive raises to executives.

“Liz Sandals’ comments earlier this year insulting the intelligence of GO Train riders further shows the complete disregard the Wynne Liberals have for commuters living outside of downtown Toronto.

“It’s unacceptable that Ontario commuters have their wallets pried open wider every year to add to the Liberal Millionaires Club. If the Wynne Liberals cared at all about the hardworking people of Ontario, they would stop this fare hike and rein in Metrolinx executive salaries.”