Statement from Ontario PC Transportation Critic Michael Harris on the Wynne Liberals’ denials they’re hiking driver fees

“Kathleen Wynne and Steven Del Duca got caught red-handed trying to secretly hike drivers licence fees on Canada Day. Now they’re panicked and desperately scrambling to explain why they’re making first-time drivers pay more to earn their freedom and independence. This is nothing more than Wynne Liberal spin.

“The regulation is written clear as day. It is going to cost more to write knowledge tests in Ontario. If this doesn’t end up happening, it’s only because the Ontario PCs raised the alarm bells, and the Liberals scrambled to find a loophole and a way-out.

“This Wynne Liberal government is dead set on making life harder and more unaffordable for Ontarians – whether it’s next weekend, next month, next year, or even 10-15 years down the road. They’re nickel and diming Ontarians to pay for 14 years of Liberal scandal, waste, and mismanagement, and to try and buy voters before the next election with their own money.”