Statement from Patrick Brown Ontario PC Leader on the Auditor General’s report on the “Unfair” Hydro Plan

“Today, the Auditor General released a damning report on the Wynne Liberals’ ‘Unfair’ hydro scheme.

“As a result of their shady accounting methods, and cooking the books for politically-motivated reasons, Ontarians are on the hook for $4 billion more than necessary.

“This ‘Unfair’ Hydro Plan was a re-election ploy. After years of energy mismanagement, this plan was too little, too late. We have seen hydro rates skyrocket to the highest across Canada, and if the Wynne Liberals are re-elected rates will only continue to soar.

“This report comes on the heels of a secret leaked Wynne Liberal cabinet document that showed hydro rates will rise to the highest levels we’ve ever seen, and the Financial Accountability Officer’s report which shows future generations could be on the hook for up to $93 billion.

“This hydro scheme is a sham drafted to benefit the Wynne Liberals, not the people of Ontario. It proves yet again that the Liberals are only in it for themselves.

“Everything the Liberals have touched in the electricity sector has made life harder and more unaffordable, including:

  • Overpaying $9.2 billion for green energy contracts which were awarded to energy companies who donated $1.3 million in donations to the Ontario Liberal Party.
  • Creating a secret millionaires club at Hydro One, including paying the CEO $4.5 million
  • Hiding the egregious cost of the global adjustment on hydro bills
  • Shelling out $7 billion to purchase an American coal-burning utility , instead of cutting hydro rates
  • Wasting nearly a billion of surplus electricity last year alone.
  • Using $5.5 million of taxpayer funds to run political self-congratulatory ads promoting the hydro plan, instead of cutting hydro rates

“Premier Kathleen Wynne is untrustworthy – especially when it comes to your hydro bills. Life is already harder under the Wynne Liberals – Ontario families are paying more, and getting less. Cynical Wynne Liberal re-election schemes are only going to make it worse.”