Statement from the Leadership Election Organizing Committee

Dear Members,

When the Leadership election process of the PC Party of Ontario was launched, we knew that we were in uncharted waters. , we had to design and implement a voting process that was unprecedented in Ontario history, and likely even Canadian history. 

Working with a dedicated team of volunteers and staff, we built an election system to be proud of. While there were challenges with our mail delivery, and some members were unable to participate fully in this election, the metrics are very strong: nearly 70,000 members have verified their membership already, and well over 44,000 have already voted. More members will have voted in this leadership than voted in the 2002 Leadership, when the PC Party of Ontario was in government. 

We are aware of calls from some candidates for an extension to the race. This is, in our view, not only a fundamental change in the Rules at a late time in the campaign, but also contrary to our Party’s Constitution, which provides that in this case the vote must conclude no later than March 9.

Accordingly, we confirm that the deadline for verification of memberships is  and the deadline for voting is  The new Leader of the PC Party of Ontario will be announced  in Markham.  

This has been a very exciting election process of which PC Party of Ontario members can be proud. We have learned a lot through this process and will work to ensure that the challenges Party members faced in this Leadership Election will not occur again.

, we look forward to joining with PC Party members and supporters from across Ontario to elect a new government  


Leadership Election Organizing Committee