Statement from the Ontario PCs on the Wynne Liberal Budget

Statement from Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford on the Wynne Liberal Budget:

“Today, Kathleen Wynne continued the re-election spending spree with your money. The Liberals think your vote is for sale, and this budget proves it.

Kathleen Wynne is writing a lot of cheques. She is making big promises with your tax dollars. I’ve looked at the finances, and her cheques are going to bounce. You and your families will be stuck with the bill for Wynne’s election promises.

It has already started. Today’s budget includes massive tax increases that will hit 1.8 million hard-working Ontarians and their families, as well as tens of thousands of businesses. Shockingly, this budget includes $2 billion in new tax increases over the next three years.

That’s what Kathleen Wynne is saying in an election year, just imagine what she will do if she is re-elected.

The only good news in this budget for the people of Ontario is that this will be Kathleen Wynne’s last budget. The party with the taxpayer’s money is over; and for Ontario families, help is on the way.”

Statement from Ontario PC Parliamentary Leader Vic Fedeli on the Wynne Liberal Budget:

“Life has become harder in Ontario under Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals. There is an affordability crisis in Ontario. Hydro rates have skyrocketed, taxes and fees have ballooned, and our provincial debt is the highest of any province or state in the world – compromising the services we all depend on.

The Liberals have had 15 years to take health care, education, and child care seriously, and it’s only now in an election year that they’re throwing money at problems they helped to create.

Kathleen Wynne will promise the world if it means continuing to cling to power, but the people of Ontario know that they can’t be counted on to keep their word. They broke their promise to run a balanced budget, and are plunging Ontario into a massive $6.7 billion deficit, with no plan to return to balance for years to come.

If the Liberals were to win the next election, everything included in this budget will be added to an already exhaustive list of broken promises. It’s time for a change in Ontario. It’s time for an Ontario PC government that respects the taxpayer and puts the people first – not the insiders.”