Supporting Colleges and Universities

Significant funding will help institutions address the financial impacts of COVID-19 and maintain Ontario’s position as a global leader in higher education

Colleges and universities are critical to Ontario’s economic recovery as a key source of research, innovation, job creation and commercialization in our local communities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on Ontario’s postsecondary education sector; leaving some institutions unable to absorb the increased expenses and/or revenue losses.

That is why our PC government is providing $106.4 million of funding for Ontario’s publicly assisted colleges and universities to support the sustainability of our postsecondary education system now and into the future, and to ensure students can get the skills they need to find a good job.

The funding will provide immediate and targeted support for postsecondary institutions that are most affected by decreases in tuition and ancillary revenues and have incurred expenses associated with online learning, personal protective equipment, and enhanced cleaning. The funding can also be used to offset COVID-19 expenses related to student financial supports and human resources.