Supporting Modernization of Small and Rural Communities

New funding will help municipalities improve the delivery of critical programs and services and better meet community needs

Our PC government is committed to building strong and resilient communities. That’s why we are investing over $40 million during COVID-19 to help small and rural municipalities improve the delivery of critical programs and services.

The funding, under the Municipal Modernization Program, is part of the government’s $125 million investment through 2022-23 to help small and rural municipalities become more efficient, modernize local services, and save taxpayers’ dollars.

Municipalities can use the funding to conduct reviews of service delivery and administrative expenditures to find efficiencies or implement a range of projects, including developing an online system to improve the local process for approving residential and industrial developments or setting up new shared services with neighbouring municipalities.

This funding is in addition to historic investments of $1.39 billion through the Safe Restart Agreement and $510 million through the Social Services Relief Fund that was provided to municipalities in 2020 to address operating deficits, support social services and main street businesses, and improve infrastructure in response to COVID-19.