Supporting Training Opportunities for Postsecondary Students

Funding towards paid internships will help build highly skilled workforce and prepare people for in-demand jobs

By connecting students with opportunities, we are preparing the next generation of talent with the experience they need to get good jobs.

That is why our PC government is providing $39.5 million to help Mitacs Inc. create up to 8,000 paid research internships and upskilling opportunities for postsecondary students, postdoctoral fellows, recent graduates, and workers.

Mitacs is a national non-profit organization that builds partnerships between education and industry to facilitate high-quality research internships in various fields, including law, technology, business, environment, and health. These internship opportunities are available to postsecondary students, postdoctoral fellows, recent graduates, and workers looking to learn, improve their skillset and gain valuable experience they need to find good jobs and build a rewarding career.

Investing in experiential learning opportunities for students and recent graduates is part of the government’s plan to ensure it is building a skilled workforce that will drive Ontario’s post-COVID-19 economic recovery.