Tackling Government Waste

The Liberals and NDP try to tell us that Government inefficiencies and waste doesn’t really exist. They want us to stop looking into ways to deliver Government services for less. Our Party rejects this way of thinking. We believe that the money you pay in taxes should be treated with the upmost respect.


Take this for example. Earlier this year, our PC Government cancelled 8,600 unused phone lines. That’s right, unused. The Liberal Government was making taxpayers like you foot the bill for phones that weren’t even doing anything. Our swift action is going to save taxpayers $2.7 Million annually. That’s no small amount.


The PC Government is taking this initiative to the next level. In May, the Government announced that it will be providing $7.35 million for large urban municipalities and district school boards interested in conducting line-by-line reviews to identify potential savings. This will help ensure that more of your money will be used to deliver the services you count on.


The Liberals left us a debt that costs taxpayers over $1 Million per hour in interest. While they ignored the Government spending problem, our team is cleaning up the mess.