Taking Action on Guns and Gang Violence

When dangerous criminals roam the streets with illegal weapons, it puts our communities at risk.

Our PC Government is taking strong action by committing $25 Million over the next four years to support the fight against illegal guns and gang violence in the City of Toronto. The Government is also committing to authorize up to $1.5 million to be used to put boots on the ground where they are needed most to keep people safe.

On top of the monetary commitments, the Government has also announced it is launching a province-wide strategy to dismantle gangs and put criminals behind bars.

Today, our leader stated “I’m proud we’re taking the necessary steps today to give our men and women in uniform the extra boost they need to go after these violent criminals. They have our backs and we will always have theirs.”

Our Party will always stand up for police officers across our province as they keep our communities safe.