Taking Steps to Grow the Greenbelt

Ontario is taking steps to grow the Greenbelt through a 60-day consultation that could result in the largest expansion of the protected lands since 2005.

Our PC government has launched consultations to help protect more of the province’s natural environment – including farmlands, forests, wetlands and watersheds – from future development.

This is truly a unique opportunity to grow the Greenbelt and protect Ontario’s environmental, groundwater, and agricultural resources for future generations. We are seeking input on how best to grow the size and quality of the Greenbelt, including:

  • The Paris Galt Moraine;
  • Adding, expanding and further protecting urban river valleys, and increasing the Greenbelt’s footprint into high density urban areas including the areas around the Don River in Toronto and land around Duffins Creek in Ajax and Pickering.

The consultations could result in the largest expansion of the Greenbelt since its creation in 2005.