Third Straight Month of Employment Growth

Almost 142,000 more people are back to work in Ontario

Today’s job numbers are good for Ontario!

In August, Ontario saw an increase of almost 142,000 jobs, marking the third straight month of employment increases following gains of nearly 530,000 jobs in June and July.

This month’s increase in employment numbers shows that Ontario’s economy is continuing to stabilize. But this number is much more than a statistic – it represents real people, families, business owners and workers who are back to work and contributing to Ontario’s economic recovery.

Our PC government has been working with industry to get our economy moving again – including partnering with the manufacturing sector to establish “Made in Ontario” as the gold standard for medical supplies and equipment in Canada and around the world – and will continue to work in partnership with people, businesses and municipalities across Ontario to respond to the challenges they face and support the long-term economic recovery of our province.