Time to Close Cash-for-Access Fundraising Loophole

QUEEN’S PARK – Today Ontario PC Deputy Leader Steve Clark (MPP, Leeds-Grenville) and Ontario PC Attorney General Critic Randy Hillier (MPP, Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington) continued to call on the Wynne Liberal Government to include prohibitions against cash-for-access fundraising in Bill 201, Election Finances Statute Law Amendment Act, 2016.


“This Committee’s work so far is how governance and politics ought to be and must be conducted if we are to be true to our mandates and responsibilities,” said Hillier. “Individual people and organizations are having free and unfettered access and opportunities to engage with elected members as we travel the province.”

This legislation does nothing to address the perception that stakeholders are forced to trade cash-for-access to the Wynne Liberal Government. News stories last week revealed that despite the Premier’s claim that Cabinet Ministers would no longer host expensive fundraisers, Ministers continue to do just that. Last week the Minister of Finance was the ‘special guest’ at a high-priced fundraiser for a Liberal backbench MPP. 

“There is absolutely nothing in this legislation that will stop or even limit the cash-for-access system that it appears the Liberals have had in place for years,” said Clark. “We are concerned they have left this loophole in because they know how effective it is for their coffers, and they have no desire to end this practice moving forward.”  

“We believe that this cash-for-access loophole must end. If we are actually here to clean up our political financing system, we hope the Government will agree and listen,” said Clark.