Vincent Ke

Vincent Ke

Voice of Integrity and Action
For Don Valley North

Who is Vincent Ke?

  • Born and raised in a working-class home in China, proud immigrant to Canada living in Ontario since 1998
  • Happily married, father of an adult son
  • Senior design and development engineer with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Germany
  • Over 25 years of international work experience in China, Germany and Canada
  • Ontario Volunteer Service Awards recipient
  • Over a decade of volunteer service with numerous community organizations
  • Passionate about the opportunity to serve and advocate on behalf of all constituents in Don Valley North

Vincent Ke on the issues:

  • Increase rather than cut funding for North York General, one of the busiest hospitals in Canada
  • Secure proportional provincial funding for the extension of the Sheppard line subway from Don Mills Rd. to Scarborough Town Centre
  • Stand up for programs and legislation that put the rights of victims and safety of communities first

As an immigrant living in Ontario for nearly 20 years, I have witnessed the Liberal government turned the legacy the PC party, a long considered Canada’s economic engine, to the most indebted province or state in the entire world, and one that takes handouts from the rest of Canada. I love this province and I cannot afford the Liberals to ruin this place for 4 more years.” ——Vincent Ke

Paid for by grassroots volunteers, not superpacs or billionaires

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