Which Liberal Cabinet Minister Leaked the Liberal Government’s Radical Plan to Ban Natural Gas

QUEEN’S PARK – Following the leak of a confidential cabinet document detailing the Liberal Government’s plan to ban natural gas in the province of Ontario, Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown asked the Premier if she knows which of her cabinet ministers was responsible for the breach.


“We all know cabinet confidentiality is an important principle in our system. It is a serious breach of trust and ethics to leak cabinet documents,” said Brown during Question Period.

There have been allegations of serious infighting within the Liberal cabinet, with several senior cabinet ministers reportedly taking issue with the radical agenda of the Minister of Environment and Climate Change. An upcoming cabinet shuffle is anticipated, and senior insiders within the Liberal Government revealed that Premier Kathleen Wynne believes “some ministers are not pulling their weight” and that some “longer-serving members of cabinet are not particularly effective communicators.”

“Who exactly isn’t pulling their weight? Is it the Minister of Children and Youth services that took away IBI therapy from 5 year old children with autism? Is it the Minister of Health that has fired over 1,400 nurses?” added Brown.

“Can the Premier tell us exactly which Minister she thinks isn’t pulling their weight and was it them that leaked the cabinet document?” concluded Brown.

VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at6Eraqapwo&feature=youtu.be