Wynne Liberal broken budget promise proves they can’t be trusted Fedeli

Today Interim Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli took the Wynne Liberals to task for their most recent of a long line of broken promises – their plan to run an up to $8 billion deficit in the upcoming budget.

Fedeli read a number of quotes from Finance Minister Charles Sousa and the Ontario government where the people of Ontario were assured that the budget would be balanced for years to come.

  • “We’re looking at a balanced budget in this coming budget…next year as well, and the year after that.” – Charles Sousa
  • “I will confirm that we are on track to deliver balanced budgets for the next two years as well.” – Charles Sousa
  • “We have outperformed and as a result we’re coming to balance next year and the year after that.” – Charles Sousa
  • “The government is continuing to project a balanced budget in 2017–18 and ongoing balance in 2018–19 and 2019–20” – Fall Economic Statement, November, 2017
  • “Not only are we presenting a balanced budget this year; we are on track for balanced budgets in 2018–19 and 2019–20.” – Ontario Budget, 2017

“None of that was correct. This was the opposite of truth, spread by a government willing to say anything to cling to power,” said Fedeli.

“After two years of promising a balanced budget, how does the Finance Minister have any credibility left with the people of Ontario?”