Wynne Liberal Cuts to Health Care Hurt Northern Ontario

QUEEN’S PARK – Today during Question Period, Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown asked the Premier about the impacts her government’s cuts to health care are having on Northern Ontario.


“As this government vilifies doctors and cuts healthcare an exodus is occurring,” said Brown referencing $815-million in cuts to physician services, and a public spat between the Wynne Liberals and Ontario’s doctors.

Within the last year, Thunder Bay lost three radiologists – two through retirement, and one who moved out of the province. The city also lost its only vascular surgeon. More and more doctors are choosing to retire early or to leave the province to practice elsewhere because of Wynne Liberal service cuts.  

“Northern Ontario can’t afford more cuts to their healthcare and they can’t afford to lose more doctors,” added Brown. “And Northern Ontario certainly deserves more than a summer whistle stop by the Premier.”

“When can the North expect this Premier to stop turning her back on them and give them the healthcare they deserve?” asked Brown.

VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spYW6A5CBQo