Wynne Liberal Labour Minister on 15 minimum wage “Of course it’s still up for debate”

Andrew Lawton: “But yes or no, Minister, is this [minimum wage] up for debate?
Minister Flynn: “Of course it’s still up for debate, Andrew.”


While the Wynne Liberals have been advertising a minimum wage hike as a sure thing, and fundraising off this issue, we are now seeing Liberal MPPs and cabinet ministers backpedalling after hearing constituent concerns.

Earlier this week, Liberal Labour Minister Kevin Flynn announced on the Andrew Lawton Show that Ontario’s $15 minimum wage is “still up for debate.”

On top of that, Liberal MPP Vic Dhillon revealed in a Facebook video that he “had no idea about the ramifications” the proposed legislation would have on restoration businesses. He also admitted there are things that he didn’t think about, and that frustrated forestry industry representatives “had a valid point.”

Could some Ontario Liberals be concerned this policy is being rammed through too fast, and too soon? Could their change in tone be evidence of doubt? Are they realizing they don’t understand the effects of this policy?

Clearly the Wynne Liberals didn’t think this policy through. They are recklessly pushing forward with this policy as an election ploy, without considering the impacts.

Will the Ontario Liberals finally listen to the Ontario PC Party and Ontarians that a cost-benefit analysis is mandatory before rushing this policy through? Or does Kathleen Wynne not care about the impacts on jobs across the province?