Wynne Liberal mismanagement of the energy sector a one week glance

There are mounting news stories in the past week that encapsulate Premier Kathleen Wynne’s reckless mismanagement of the energy sector. Every story leads to Ontario taxpayers paying more and getting less:

1. Green energy disaster: Siemens, a wind turbine blade manufacturer, announced suddenly this week that they are closing their Tillsonburg plant and putting 340 hard-working Ontarians out of work.

2. Ontario has highest and fastest-rising electricity rates in Canada: The Fraser Institute released a report proving that Ontario’s electricity prices are the fastest rising in the country, and that Torontonians pay the highest hydro bills of any major city in Canada. Ontario’s electricity rates have increased twice as fast as the national average. The Wynne Liberals have repeatedly tried to tell Ontarians that their hydro rates aren’t that bad.

3. Hydro One’s $7 billion spending spree: While Hydro One is busy crying poor – applying to raise electricity rates for Ontarians by $141 a year – they managed to find $7 billion to purchase a foreign utility company based out of Washington. Kathleen Wynne’s fire sale of Hydro One is directly responsible for this. As Ontario families pay more and get less, Liberal insiders get rich.

4. Unaffordable bills for no power: An Ontario man took Hydro One to court for charging him delivery fees to his cottage despite his service being cut off. A tree had fallen onto his power line during a storm. Hydro One disconnected his power, and it took months to repair. Hydro One won the case, and now the man is saddled with $1,000 worth of legal fees.