Wynne Liberal MPPs admit they have no idea the impacts of omnibus labour bill

THUNDER BAY – Last night, on a flight out of Thunder Bay where they attended committee hearings, Liberal MPPs Vic Dhillon (Brampton West) and Yvan Baker (EtobicokeCentre) recorded a video where they admitted their government hadn’t considered all of the impacts of their sweeping labour bill.

“Well, it’s my first time being on this committee and I thought it was really, really interesting points of view and presentations,” said Dhillon. “I mean some of the things that we don’t think about, for example we had some presenters from the forestry industry. I thought they had a valid point.”

Earlier in the day, Thunderhouse Forest Services had presented at the committee criticizing the cookie-cutter approach to the bill, suggesting the new labour reforms will make their business less effective.

Dhillion continued, “As well as people from other lines of business – the restoration business. I had no idea about the ramifications of that business in relation to the legislation that we’re studying.”

First General Property Restoration Specialists’ Thunder Bay office testified that many businesses in their sector see this bill as a final straw, and that many are considering shutting down or moving south of the border.

Since the Wynne Liberals have finally admitted they haven’t considered all of the impacts of this omnibus bill, will they now agree to a cost-benefit analysis regarding its impact on Ontario’s economy?