Wynne Liberal Rate Increases Make Life Harder for Small Businesses

GRIMSBY – This morning, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown and Niagara West-Glanbrook candidate Sam Oosterhoff met with the owner of the Grimsby Diner to discuss the impact of skyrocketing electricity prices on his business.


“Years of Wynne Liberal scandal and waste have created a hydro crisis in our province, and it’s Ontario businesses and families that are paying the price,” said Brown. “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, but because of Wynne Liberal rate increases many are faced with the prospects of closing their doors.”

Grimsby Diner is only open during peak hours, and as a result the bulk of their electricity costs are when prices are the most expensive. Within a one year period, the business’ hydro bills increased by roughly 24 per cent.

“The Grimsby Diner is not alone. Skyrocketing rates are the number one issue I am hearing at the doors,” said Oosterhoff. “People need action on the hydro file, not Wynne Liberal band-aids. If the Wynne Liberals were serious about addressing the crisis they created, they would stop signing contracts for power we don’t need, stop selling hydro to our competitors for a loss, and stop the fire sale of Hydro One.”