Wynne Liberal Solution to Skyrocketing Hydro Rates this Ottawa Winter Put on a Winter Coat

QUEEN’S PARK – During the Ottawa-Vanier by-election the issue of skyrocketing electricity prices has been dominating the debate. Today, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown shared the story of a particular individual from the riding during Question Period.


“Michael, a gentleman in Ottawa-Vanier, called the Liberal campaign headquarters just the other day. Like most people he is fed up with his hydro rates,” said Brown. “Michael asked the Liberal campaign about his hydro bill, and can you guess what he was told? Someone in that office told him to lower his thermostat and wear a coat.”

Ontario is home to the highest and fastest increasing electricity prices in North America, and the Wynne Liberals have offered nothing but band-aid solutions to address this growing crisis.

“Is that the Liberals’ new solution to high hydro rates? Should everyone turn down their thermostat and wear a coat inside this winter?” asked Brown.