Wynne Liberals continue to dodge questions on secret backroom deal at Hydro One

Yesterday, Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals dodged pointed questions on Hydro One’s secret backroom deals which increased the severance package for the CEO:


  • In total, Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals dodged 14 questions from the Ontario PCs on the secret backroom deal.

  • Kathleen Wynne passed the first few questions to the Minister of Energy, and then left Question Period early to avoid even more questions.

  • In a difficult scrum, Glenn Thibeault refused to answer pointed questions about what he knew and when he knew it.

  • Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford wrote a letter to Kathleen Wynne asking for answers and to this point has not received a response.

“What are Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals hiding? Why won’t they answer these straight-forward questions,” said Ontario PC Energy Critic Todd Smith.

“While Ontario families are struggling – being forced to choose between heating and eating – the CEO of Hydro One is raking in $6 million a year. Even that wasn’t enough for him. Behind closed doors, the board of Hydro One voted to let him hold Ontario taxpayers hostage for $10 million in severance,” added Smith.

“Time after time, Kathleen Wynne assured the people we would maintain control of the board, and Ontario still owns 47 per cent. Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals need to come clean today. What did they know, and when did they know it?” concluded Smith.

Questions from Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford to Premier Kathleen Wynne and Glenn Thibeault?

  • Did the Liberal government give Hydro One direction to change the severance packages?

  • When did you first learn about the changes to the severance packages for the executives at Hydro One?

  • When you first learned about these changes what action did you take to ensure the interests of the people of Ontario were represented?

  • Will you use Ontario’s leverage as the single largest shareholder at 47 per cent to change these severance packages?

  • Do you believe the Board of Hydro One should resign?