Wynne Liberals stand with millionaires’ club at Hydro One

Liberals vote against Ontario PC motion calling for Hydro One board to resign

This afternoon, the Wynne Liberals voted against a motion at Queen’s Park that would have called on the board of Hydro One to resign. The motion also would have reversed recent changes to Hydro One’s severance packages which helped to line the pockets of executives.

“While families across Ontario are struggling to keep their heads above water – being forced to choose between heating and eating – Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have allowed millionaire hydro executives to get rich at their expense,” said Ontario PC Energy Critic Todd Smith.

“Yesterday, the Wynne Liberals offered nothing but a very weak response when it comes to executive compensation. This only came after her secret millionaires’ club was exposed a month before the election,” added Smith. “If Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals truly cared about the taxpayer, if they truly had any respect for the families across the province who are struggling, they would fire the board.”

“With today’s vote it’s clear Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals stood with their millionaire insider friends and not the people of Ontario.”

Text of the Motion:

Mr. Fedeli — Whereas, the Hydro One CEO is the highest paid hydro executive in Canada;

Whereas, the Hydro One CEO is paid more than ten times the salary of the head of Hydro Quebec;

Whereas, his compensation is over 6 million dollars a year; and

Whereas, the Hydro One board instituted a 10 million dollar severance clause to tie the hands of future governments;

Therefore, the Legislative Assembly calls on the government to reverse the changes to the Hydro One CEO’s severance and call for the resignation of the entire Hydro One board of directors.

Addressed to the Premier.