Your move Premier Wynne

The following is a statement from the Ontario PC Party:
“Today, the people of Ontario, through their elected members, decided to reject tolls on the DVP and Gardiner Expressway. Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown’s motion was carried unanimously in the Legislature, sending a clear message to Kathleen Wynne that she needs to stop the plan to make life more expensive for commuters and city streets more congested.


“Today the Wynne Liberals had a chance to say no to road tolls. They had a chance to tell Ontarians whether or not they were going to make life more unaffordable for them.
“Instead the Liberals decided to sit on their hands and abstained from voting.
“Not one Liberal MPP stood up to Kathleen Wynne. Not one Liberal MPP stood up for their constituents. Not one voted to say NO to Tolls in T.O.
“Will the government ignore the will of the Legislature and ram through the Premier’s plan to impose the highway toll tax?
“Your move, Premier Wynne.”